Where Jetstar Japan will fly its Airbus A321LRs


We finally know more about Jetstar Japan’s intention for its Airbus A321LR, at least in the short term. He will use them nationally for now, as he previously announced.

Jetstar Japan’s A321LRs

Jetstar Japan was due to receive three all-economy 238-seat A321LRs in mid-2020. It was part of an 18-person order for the long-range variant placed by Qantas Group, co-owner of the Jetstar Group, in 2018. The pandemic delayed deliveries.

The aircraft sports a revised livery, including a bright orange tail, replacing the less bright gray. Its first two aircraft are duly registered JA26LR and JA27LR.


Its LRs are the highest density of any airline. They have a fifth more seats than leisure airline Air Transat, partly because it has 12 seats in Club class, and 11% more than single class Air Arabia.

To celebrate the carrier’s 10th anniversary, a unique A321LR flight is scheduled for June 30. It will organize a scenic special around Mount Fuji, starting and landing in Tokyo Narita. Regular, scheduled service will begin the following day.

At the time of writing, the first scheduled A321LR flight is available from a base fare of JPY 7,880 ($63), including 7kg of checked baggage but nothing else. Picture: Jetstar.com.

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3x daily round trips from July 1

From July 1 to October 29, Jetstar Japan will use the high-capacity A321 on routes from Tokyo Narita to Fukuoka and Sapporo.

As Fukuoka and Sapporo are located farther from the capital, they are less affected by high-speed rail. As such, the two routes are by far the most serviced by the airline. They are also the largest city pairs in Japan and are on the list of major inland roads in the world.

The daily flight is as follows:

  1. 07h10-09h15: Tokyo Narita to Fukuoka1x per day, GK503
  2. 10h05-11h55: Fukuoka to Tokyo NaritaGK502
  3. 12:25-2:40 p.m.: Tokyo Narita to Sapporo1x per day, GK111
  4. 3:30-5:05 p.m.: Sapporo to Tokyo NaritaGK110
  5. 6:00 p.m.-7:55 p.m.: Tokyo Narita to Sapporo1x per day, GK119
  6. 8:45-10:20 p.m.: Sapporo to Tokyo NaritaGK120

Jetstar Japan Summer 2022 network. The two routes on which the A321LR will be used are in yellow (Fukuoka = FUK; Sapporo = CTS). Image: OAG.

6th largest airline in Japan

According to OAG, Jetstar Japan is the country’s sixth largest airline this summer. With around 18,000 return flights, it is around 13 times smaller than the leader, All Nippon. Then there are Japan Airlines, Peach, Skymark and Japan Transocean Air.

Jetstar Japan offers 17 routes, as shown on the map above. All are servants, although it was not always so.

It previously operated Osaka Kansai to Hong Kong, Manila and Taipei, Nagoya to Manila and Taipei, and Narita to Hong Kong, Manila, Taipei and Shanghai Pudong. Not that international was ever a big part of his business. In the summer of 2019, it represented less than 4% of its flights.

International routes ended in early 2020, with no sign of returning yet. But they will, both through its fleet of 19 180-seat A320s and its 238-seat A321LRs.

The high density of its LRs will clearly reduce the reach of Jetstar Japan’s potential international network, but it should be fine for destinations across Southeast Asia.

Do you want to pilot its 238-seat LRs? Let us know in the comments.

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