Spain’s joint 2030 Winter Olympics bid in jeopardy as sides fail to reach agreement


The two parties to Spain’s joint bid for the Pyrenees-Barcelona 2030 Olympic and Paralympic Games failed to agree on plans to host the Games on Monday, the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) announced.

Opening Ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics (Photo: Barcelona Tourism)

Monday’s self-imposed deadline announced by WCC President Alejandro Blanco earlier this month was missed after the eleventh joint meeting between the governments of Catalonia and Aragon was held without agreement. in place. It will be a blow for the Spanish candidacy.

The COE remains hopeful that it can reorganize its plans and pursue an application in a different format.

“The Spanish Olympic Committee, through its President, Alejandro Blanco, and with the support of the Spanish Government, expresses its decision to continue its work in order to present a technically unbeatable project, sustainable in social, economic and environmental terms, which contributes to the regeneration of the host territory, and which, at the same time, meets the requirements and regulations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), for which it will continue to evaluate the best options, in order to be able to materialize the presentation of said candidacy” , the WCC wrote in a statement on Monday.

Representative of the two governments involved in the candidacy which had initially envisaged events to be broadcast throughout Catalonia, Aragon and the Pyrenees have been at odds for several months. Aragon officials have claimed the region would not get its fair share of marquee events if the Games were hosted in Spain. At some point last month, they boycotted a technical meeting held to finalize the plans.

The Catalan leaders say they have already adjusted their plans to be more inclusive of Aragon.

Monday’s meeting was seen as the last chance for the two sides to reconcile their differences.

Without concrete plans, Spain will have to move very quickly if it hopes to stay in the race for 2030. Rival bids Salt Lake City and Vancouver have already received technical visits from the IOC to optimize their plans and Sapporo will host the same l IOC team later this month. Spain was forced to cancel its planned visit this month due to the ongoing internal conflict.

A binding referendum has already been scheduled for affected parts of Spain on July 24, and the WCC had hoped to release details of the plan for public scrutiny ahead of the vote.

Last week, IOC officials hinted they could pick one or more preferred candidates in December this year after spending the summer and fall reviewing the four projects already involved in its “ongoing dialogue” process. “. A winner could be elected at the IOC All Members Session on May 30, 2023 in Mumbai, India.

Spain has failed four previous bids to host the Winter Games with Jaca bid for 1998, 2002, 2010 and 2014.


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