Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Details Announced


Pokemon Go Fest 2022 is right around the corner, and Niantic has announced exactly what players can expect during the event, including exclusive gameplay with free and paid experiences. The global event is scheduled to start on Saturday, June 4 and end on Sunday, June 5, although in-person events are also taking place in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo later in the year.

Niantic announced the news in a press release earlier today, detailing what each day holds. On Saturday, players will be able to use rotating habitats to catch a variety of different Pokémon, switching between city, plains, rainforest, and tundra every hour. There will also be a chance to catch never-before-seen shiny as Pokemon Go Fest 2022 will feature shiny versions of Shroomish, Numel, Karrablast, Axew, and Shelmet for the very first time.


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Players with a ticket will have a slightly different experience than those playing for free, including the chance to nab a Shiny Unown B and conduct special searches to encounter Land Forme Shaymin. Those with tickets will also have an increased shine rate during the day and can work with other players on collaborative challenges that will earn them additional bonuses.

As for Sunday, Collaborative Challenges are open to all players and brand new Pokemon will appear in five-star Raids during the day, though Niantic is keeping the Pokemon under wraps for now. Players with a ticket will have a few additional benefits, including an additional Special Research story for those who complete the Special Research story available to everyone and a Team GO Rocket balloon rate boost that will double the number of mysterious components earned after defeating the team. GO Rocket Grunts.

Those who participate in the event on either day will also receive nine free raid passes for in-person raids, the chance to find Axew in one-star raids, and may encounter a Pikachu wearing a flower costume. by Gracidea inspired by Shaymin. You can learn more about each day of the event and purchase tickets if you want exclusive experiences on the official Pokemon Go website.

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