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Harada is an Omakase-style Japanese restaurant in Glebe that emphasizes seafood. Run by Chef Yoshinobu Harada who has a knack for creating umami flavors with the freshest seasonal produce you can expect. a modern twist on traditional Japanese dishes at Harada.

The licensed restaurant is the place to go for a Tokyo drink, with plenty of sake, whiskey, and wine to enjoy against a backdrop of jazz and blues. The dark and moody restaurant creates the perfect evening atmosphere, as does the omakase menu.

At $ 170 per person, reservations are required in advance for this experience in which you leave the decisions to the chef. Expect Japanese specialties created using French and Italian techniques. On hold, for now, Harada’s umami-rich lunchtime ramen is inspired by the Japanese cities of Tokyo, Sapporo, Kyoto, and Hakata. They also cook yakitori style dishes for a more casual dining option. You can even enjoy a romantic night at home with one of Harada’s take-out omakase bento sets. With miso salmon, baby abalone, gyoza stuffed with shrimp and roasted duck cream, wagyu roast beef and snow crab with salmon caviar rice; you are ready for a relaxing Netflix night to remember.

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