Atami landslide victims sue construction and real estate companies


NUMAZU, Shizuoka Prefecture – Victims of a deadly landslide in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, in July, are suing companies that oversaw a landfill project at the site for causing the ” human origin “.

Seventy plaintiffs filed a lawsuit with the Numazu branch of the Shizuoka District Court on September 28, asking for about 3.27 billion yen ($ 29.4 million) in compensation.

The plaintiffs include people who lost their loved ones or their homes in the July 3 landslide, as well as fishermen and operators of onsen hot spring facilities whose income fell due to the disaster.

The rain-triggered landslide left 26 people dead and one person missing.

Those prosecuted include a real estate development company based in Odawara, Kanagawa Prefecture, which owned the site where the landslide occurred until 2011 and undertook a landfill project there, its officers, a company. responsible for building the landfill and the current owner of the site.

According to the lawsuit, they are accused of failing to perform their duties, such as carrying out proper drainage works and taking other safety measures during the construction of the landfill, and neglecting the site once the project completed.

The plaintiffs claim that the landslide was a “man-made disaster” resulting from the accumulation of infill soil on the side of the mountain.

“The landowner was not aware of the hazardous landfill,” said a lawyer for the current site owner. “We will treat the trial fairly. “

An attorney for the property development company said she would carefully consider her response to the complaint after reviewing it.


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