A city in northern Japan just recorded its coldest summer temperature in 128 years. It happened 2 weeks after the same city hit one of the hottest temperatures in its history.

  • After the town of Wakkanai recorded one of its highest summer temperatures, it dropped to 36.7 ° F.

  • This is the lowest August temperature the city has recorded in 128 years.

  • Extreme weather conditions, including heat waves and flooding, have hit cities across Japan in recent weeks.

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A week after a scorching heat wave scorched the Japanese island of Hokkaido, temperatures in the island’s northern town of Wakkanai plunged 51 degrees Fahrenheit to record the most August readings. low in the city in 128 years.

The mercury fell to 36.7 ° F before dawn Thursday morning, local news station TV Asahi reported, just after the city reported one of its highest temperatures on record at 87.8 ° F July 29.

Residents who worked early in the summer morning told the information station that they could see a cold breath coming out of their mouths.

About 80 miles south of the lakeside town of Horokanai, temperatures dropped to 38.1 ° F, just five days after the midsummer heat hit 92.7 ° F, per TV Asahi.

Extreme weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures have been recorded across Japan in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Olympic organizers moved the men’s marathon event to Sapporo, also Hokkaido, where temperatures were expected to be milder but instead soared to 93 ° F in early August.

japan map hokkaido

Sapporo is located on the northern island of Hokkaido. Google Maps / Business Insider

Temperatures in Tokyo last week soared to 104 ° F, putting Olympic athletes at risk of heat stroke in several events. Thirty people involved in the games contracted heat-related illnesses with mild symptoms, officials said.

Elsewhere, hundreds of thousands of Japanese residents were asked to evacuate on Thursday amid flood warnings and landslide risks from torrential rains on Kyushu Island, where the city of Nagasaki is located. Authorities have issued the highest level of evacuation orders in some central parts of the island, Reuters reported, warning people to take immediate action to protect their lives.

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