6 Cities Girls Can Travel Alone in 6 Months : Deets Inside

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There are three solo female travel locations for each month, with a mix of newbie destinations and real adventures, giving you plenty of options. Solo vacations have never been better! Individual trips are popular, and this list is sure to inspire you to get out and explore.

1. January-Mexico City, Mexico

There is something for everyone in Mexico City. This is the city for you if you are an art lover, history buff, foodie, party animal or shopaholic. With various art galleries and street art, it has a vibrant artistic culture.

2. February- Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo is a winter paradise suitable for winter activities such as snow festivals and winter sports. Relax in an onsen (hot spring) while savoring the many gastronomic delights offered in this northern Japanese city.

3. March – Kochi, Kerala, India

Kerala, surrounded on one side by the Arabian Sea and on the other by the Western Ghats, is a region blessed with both natural beauty and a rich and complex cultural past.

4. April – Yorkshire Dales, UK

With valleys, hills and moorland interspersed with lakes, rivers and small market villages, the Yorkshire Dales are a lovely place to relax.

5. May- Lahore and Hunza, Pakistan

Look no further than Lahore and the spectacular mountain district of Hunza, which offers some of the best trekking in the world, for adventure, friendly people, beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine and stunning historical architecture.

6.June- Trentino, Italy

Trento is a charming town in northern Italy with buildings from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The many walks available in the Dolomites can be enjoyed from here.

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